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Our free Time Card Calculator calculates and generates printable reports of weekly work time, breaks, overtime hours, and pay with the highest accuracy. The tool accepts almost any time format, such as 9.15, 9:15 AM, 13:20, and more.
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deductionA break deduction can be entered in most time format, such as: 1:30, 1.30, 1h, 30m, etc.
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Our free Time Card Calculator is created with simplicity in mind. It is super easy and totally free to use, offering enormous benefits for employers or business owners who want to track their employees’ work hours and total pay. Of course, if you are an employee, freelancer, contractor, remote worker, etc., you are sure to find this tool great to use to monitor your weekly work time and earnings as well.

What is a Time Card Calculator?

The Time Card Calculator is a handy digital tool that helps you keep track of your daily or weekly work hours as well as your total pay. If you are an employer or a small business owner, you will also find this tool super helpful. It allows you to track your employees’ billable and working hours effortlessly.

Just input the required entries, and the Time Card Calculator instantly gives you the results, featuring the total work hours (including regular and overtime hours) and total pay (including regular and overtime pay).

With this smart, automatic tool, you don’t need to worry about inaccurate payroll processing. There is no place for calculation discrepancies and manual errors thanks to the tool's complete precision.

How to use Our Time Card Calculator?

Our free online time card calculator stands out for its ease of use. Within a few steps, you can quickly track and calculate the weekly work hours and total pay.

Here is how:

Step 1. Enter the time worked

Input the Start Time, End Time, and Break hours for each day of the week you (or your employees) worked.

Note: You can enter numbers for times in any format of your preference since our tool can convert them to the proper format and calculate the time exactly.

Step 2. Add Base Pay Rate without the dollar sign

Step 3. If you (or your employees) work overtime

In the "Overtime Pay" section, tap or click on the dropdown arrow and select either "After 40 hours per week" or "After 8 hours per day".

In the "Overtime Rate" section, enter the number of the overtime rate.

Step 4. Calculate work hours and total pay

After inputting all the required entries, tap or click the "Calculate" button. Now, you will see a timesheet report that includes the totals of your weekly work hours and gross pay.

Step 5. Save or print the timesheet report

Press the "Print" button and follow the on-screen prompts to print the timesheet report.

Step 6. Reset the calculator

Tap or click on the "Reset" button if you want to start a new time sheet calculator.

5 Outstanding features of Our Time Card Calculator

Why use our online Time Card Calculator? Our innovative Time Card Calculator boasts 5 superb features, setting it apart as a great tool for individuals and businesses:

1. Easy and Free to use with instant results

Our Time Card Calculator has been developed with simplicity in mind. There is no place for complicated interfaces or confusing functions, making navigating through the site and its features a piece of cake.

Even if it's your first time visiting Timecard-Calculator.net and trying the tool, you’ll quickly find it is super simple and easy to use. Plus, the instructions on using the tool are provided in detail, so check them out if anything confusing to you.

Importantly, this tool is completely free to use. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and as much as you want without paying a buck. Simply bookmark this calculator so you can go to our site to calculate work hours and pay totals whenever you want.

2. Accept any time format

Our Time Card Calculator can seamlessly convert any time format you type in. You can input the Starting time, Ending time, and Break deduction the way you want, and the tool will convert it to the proper format, ensuring the work hours are calculated accurately.

For example, it’s all okay when you put or do not put a colon between hours and minutes (9:15 or 915). You can also use decimal hours, such as 9.25. Whether you type in 915, 9.25, or 9:15, our calculator knows the entry you input is 9:15.

3. Compatible with any devices

This Calculator offers consistent functionality across devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Thanks to the high compatibility, you can track and calculate work time on any device of your choice.

4. Time Card Calculator with overtime and break deduction

Generally speaking, tracking overtime and calculating work hours with break deductions are a bit challenging and time-consuming. But don’t worry; our innovative Employee Time Clock Calculator handles all these tasks. All you need to do is select the point when the calculator begins to count the work hours as overtime (after 40 days per week or 8 hours per day).

Don’t forget to type in how much time has been spent on a break to deduct from the total work hours. After entering the required entries, the tool will automatically show you both regular work hours and overtime hours with break deductions.

5. Saving or printing your timecard effortlessly

Using our Time Card Calculator, you can print your time card effortlessly. Once you finish inputting the data, you can print the time card or save it as a PDF in Chrome. Simply press "Print" and then print it the way you want. Note that if you’d like to get a PDF, after tapping or clicking on the "Print" button, you’ll need to select the "Save as PDF" option instead of your printer.

4 Benefits of using a Time Card Calculator

A Time Card Calculator provides you with tons of benefits, whether you are an individual user using the tool to calculate your work time and gross pay or you are an employer or business owner needing it to track employees’ work hours and their payroll:

1. Making time tracking simpler than ever

Using a Time Card Hours Calculator means you can track and calculate work hours and total pay anytime and anywhere without needing papers or manual entry and calculation. If you have manually inputted the data into spreadsheets and calculated the results yourself, you must know how bothersome this whole process is.

However, with a work time card calculator, all these hassles are gone. In addition, with the tool, the chance of human error will be significantly reduced, ensuring the accuracy of the work time and total pay calculations.

2. Track and calculate overtime hours easily

Calculating overtime hours and pay manually seems challenging and cumbersome, especially for employers and small business owners. These tasks take time and can easily cause errors, leading to inaccurate payroll. If you are a small business owner, and you now need to manually calculate overtime hours for a dozen employees at a time.

That task is extremely time-consuming since you need to manually input the data into separate spreadsheets and double-check the calculations to ensure accuracy. However, by utilizing an Employee Work Time Calculator, you will save yourself from the hassle of these things. Just input the required entries and wait less than a second for the tool to count the overtime hours and total overtime pay.

3. Accurate Paycheck Calculation

As long as you correctly enter all the required entries, the tool will calculate the total pay with the highest accuracy, ensuring no human errors.

As you may know, manual paycheck calculation takes time. This process also poses the possibility of human errors or calculation discrepancies, resulting in inaccurate payroll. But thankfully, a Time Card Calculator with breaks will erase worries about incorrect paycheck calculations.

4. Save cost, time, and effort

By cutting the steps of manually calculating work hours and pay totals, using a work hours calculator helps save lots of time, effort, and even money, especially if you are an employer and have to calculate your employee’s work hours and pay every week. That’s also true for individual users who want to count their own work hours and total pay each week. Less time and effort are needed to produce a timecard for sure.

Furthermore, using this tool means you won’t need paper timesheets anymore, which saves you money. If you are a business owner, please note that a time card calculator free also helps cut costs and resources spent on correcting errors and resolving disputes over inaccurate paychecks.

3 FAQs about the Time Card Calculator

Can the Time Card Calculator calculate the gross wage automatically?

Yes. After filling in all the required data and pressing the Calculate button, the total will be shown on your screen automatically. If you want to save and print the result, click or tap the Print button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Is the time card calculator completely free to use?

Yes. Our Time Card Calculator is 100% free. You can use it anywhere and as many times as you want without spending a buck. Simply visit the site, enter all the needed entries, and wait less than a second for the results to display on your screen.

Who is the Time Card Calculator for?

A Time Card Calculator can be helpful for anyone who wants to track and calculate work time, breaks, and total pay in the simplest and most convenient way.

Here are some examples of people who find this tool handy:

  • Freelancers, remote workers, contractors, or any employees who work flexible schedules and want to monitor their earnings and productivity
  • Professionals who bill clients by the hours (using the tool does help them keep track of client hours and earnings for their services)
  • Restaurants, small retail business owners, and other employers who want to track the employees’ work hours and correctly calculate payroll totals

Free Time Card Calculator is, for sure, a handy tool for anyone who wants to accurately keep track of work hours and total pay per week. The tool possesses whatever features you want from an advanced online time card, including ease of use, overtime counting, break deduction, high compatibility with different devices, and more.

Time Card Calculator is developed to provide general estimates and guidance. It is intended to assist users in calculating work hours and total wages. Please note that we don't give any warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the tool. Please refer to a professional accountant regarding any specific requirements or concerns.